Key Reasons to Choose Active Retention:

I would strongly recommend Active Retention’s Actionable Client Review solution to anyone seeking to better understand loyalty, quality, and performance at their organization.
— Colleen LoConte, Vice President Customer Service, Dendrite International
  • We uncover what each client is thinking with our unique, customized questionnaire. The many parts of our multi-dimensional questionnaire model are explained in the following points.
  • Uncovers both client-level and firm-level issues.
  • Dashboards for sales and service staff, managers and executives.
  • Push-based “Call to Action” distribution system: automatic distribution of each client’s answers, AR ratings and findings to teams with embedded follow-up to ensure that your organization makes the most of opportunities and resolves open issues for each client. We want your team focusing on the 30-day maximum follow-up time to impress clients.
  • Expert analyst to review, summarize and rate each participating client in five key areas.
  • The only tested methodology with over 260 projects.
  • A comprehensive, organic retention process designed to yield significant results.
  • Aggregates all five key areas (loyalty, cross-selling, referral, industry expertise and present and future service/product value) into comprehensive executive dashboard summaries with real-time drill-down to the client level.
  • Defines your strengths, weaknesses and comparative advantages over the competition.
  • Competitive profiling identifies retention risks and competitive takeaway opportunities.
  • World-leading technology guarantees all information is protected, fast, easy to use and actionable.
  • Completely web-based – nothing to install at your location.
  • Our questionnaires are highly customized and modeled to your specific needs as a large and complex firm.

Your teams and management will always agree with our rating of your clients’ five key areas once they read the identified clients’ own words and talk to them about their issues and concerns.

Our service people are using it to better service our clients every day. Our sales people are able to target specific referral and cross selling opportunities identified in the Actionable Client Review process.
— Janet Pendexter, VP of Operations, Mastors & Servant Ltd.

All of our existing clients thought their account teams had a fair understanding of what was happening in their accounts before they conducted an Active Retention Actionable Client Review. But they had the same problem that all B2B firms have: for a number of reasons, clients had issues and challenges that the account teams were not aware of – issues that were damaging the relationship. Now those same firms know exactly what each client’s loyalty, cross-selling and referral opportunities and opinions of their industry expertise are, and there are no more surprises. Our yearly Actionable Client Review projects solve the problem.

All the client-by-client information from client surveys rolls up into dynamic, real-time reports and analyses in each key area, allowing management and marketing to see what is really happening in their firm. These reports can be drilled down into to the level of individual clients and focus areas, while extensive filtering provides flexible, multi-point views of the data. Our systems “cube” allows management to walk around the findings to see cross-cuts that will expose valuable insights about your clients and your teams.

It’s much easier to stay on top of client satisfaction when you can measure and monitor every issue on a client by client basis. Our continued goal is to deliver the highest possible level of tailored services to each and every Bolton & Company client.
— Mike Morey, COO, Bolton & Company

Let us help you get to the next level with a comprehensive Actionable Client Review of your top clients.