Active Retention stands alone in the experience and technology needed to conduct your Actionable Client Reviews. Our ongoing, in-depth research and successful execution of over 260 projects and hundreds of lost-client interviews has made us experts in gaining client insight.

Active Retention is uniquely qualified for your important project:

Active Retention was a superb organization to work with; they were not only highly responsive to our specific needs, but were also efficient in execution. With Active Retention’s solution, we gained dramatic insights both tactically for each client, and strategically across all venues and product lines.
— Colleen LoConte, Vice President Customer Service, Dendrite International
  • Our specially designed questionnaire/survey uncovers each decision-maker’s individual thoughts on quality, value, effectiveness, priorities and comparisons with the competitor they are closest to.

  • No other firm has done close to as many Actionable Client Reviews or lost-business, ex-client interviews as Active Retention.

  • Our next-generation, easy-to-implement technologies and methodologies are already proven at over 200 organizations, including many of the best firms in the USA.

  • We have unique, proven B2B-based methodologies and technology (not reworked consumer technology) with an actionable, issue-based solution for your account teams.

  • We invented the action-based issue management methodology years ago and have it in practice today as a key part of our system. We know of no one else who has successfully delivered this.

  • Our questionnaire design and methodology focus on each client and provide actionable information. We offer the only fully integrated system that allows your account teams to follow up on identified problems.

  • Using interviews and working sessions with your project teams, we model your firm in the areas of loyalty, cross-selling, referrals, industry expertise and present and future service/product value. This model is integrated into the questionnaire and dashboard design, then into our systems and processes. We know of no other vendor that does this level of work for a project.

  • We have a superior reputation for a high level of insightful customization of our system.

  • Our systems and projects have fantastic usability and functionality.

  • We turn client feedback and insights into actionable issues with an experienced staff analyst who produces custom write-ups, statuses and scoring for each client.

  • Everyone participating in the project at your firm, from staff to executive, will know with a touch of a button where every single one of their contacts is in the process in real time.

  • Our advanced Executive and Staff Dashboards require no complex software implementation by your firm and thus no risk of project failure.

  • The unique, web-based Dashboard is available to every member of your firm’s team with multiple authentication levels. Your account teams will see exactly where each of their clients is in the process, the answers to their questionnaires and our analysis, write-ups and recommended actions. We group support staff and sales together as client teams based on who is working with a particular client so teams can work together – this is critical for follow-up and has not been attempted or addressed by any other survey firm. 

  • Your project will be accomplished with extraordinary technology that is fully integrated into our methodology. That means little work on your part, with a big payback.

  • We have invested 10 years of focused development in building this one-of-a-kind system. We feel that no other group can match its depth, design, functionality and flexibility.

  • Our “Project Dashboard” capability is the only system we know of that shows real-time contact, participation details and progress as our team contacts each client by phone and email.

  • Our dashboard shows information in 100% real time. As soon as our analysts score and write the report for a participating contact, it’s live on the system within seconds and available for total drill-down and drill-up. This is highly unique, and we customize it for every client’s specific needs.

  • We are the only firm we know of whose specially trained staff call each client in a project to introduce Active Retention and our process, to ask permission and to encourage participation.

  • We are the only firm we know of that has a highly trained staff analyst study every completed questionnaire/survey from each participating client to determine loyalty, cross-selling and referral profiles.