Determining Future Client Needs

Active Retention is uniquely experienced and has the right technology to provide your firm with an accurate assessment of your value proposition to clients.

Our clients were extremely candid in their responses, thanks to Active Retention’s specific questions and methodology, which allowed us to understand exactly what our clientele expected from our sales and service teams.
— Chris Seitz, Manager Corporate Communications, T.J. Adams

Given the size and complexity of your firm and the many types and flavors of your clients, uncovering value as defined by clients will be impossible with any survey system except Active Retention’s.

Determining what services you offer that each client values, what services you offer that don’t have the value you think and what services clients want (or will want in the future) that you are not currently providing all go beyond standard survey projects.

You need the most advanced system and team to uncover client insights, especially in B2B with a product- or service-segmented client base.

It is clear that analyzing present and future value is critical to your firm. Any misanalysis of client desires and value placement will send the full resources of your firm in the wrong direction. The damage to potential growth, retention and competitive strength would be devastating. Your firm must get the client’s value proposition correct and have the specific evidence to give management a high level of comfort with its conclusions.

We considered the responses so valuable that we are now proceeding with a second round of questionnaires for an additional group of clients.
— Chris Seitz, Manager Corporate Communications, T.J. Adams

As with all change management, not only does marketing need to be dead-on accurate, they need proof of their accuracy in order to avoid an insurgency that fights its scientific, client-based vision. Analysis must be done at the client level so client teams can verify (for their comfort level) the findings with their clients’ own insights. This foundation of identified, individual client findings will result in a highly committed sales and support staff who can see the fabric of the vision and thus fully support changes to future products and services.

This point cannot be overstated if you want your team members to embrace and execute on the marketing intelligence part of a client survey project’s value insights. It is the reason so many broad-based, confidential marketing surveys fail to elicit support from the employees selling and serving clients: employees don’t trust the results since they do not see specific client insights –and without them, results may fly in the face of logic.

With AR, each team member will be able to see exactly what their clients felt about your firm’s value proposition so the research facts will be clear. Plus, the team will be able to follow up with clients who have negative feelings about your firm’s present value to ensure no loss of clients.

Having your diverse client base tell you what they value today, what they don’t value and what they need for tomorrow will require segmenting the client base in a B2B firm, which is not easily done.

Two challenges face your firm in uncovering its value proposition which require a special vendor:

1.     Complex Modeling of Your Firm:

Your firm needs to be modeled in terms of what you offer today and what will be needed tomorrow within each key area. This will be a model that feeds into each client’s profile so that we can drive the questions in a progressive fashion. AR will build the model of your firm based on a series of interviews with key experts at your firm. We will then develop the question set – what could be called a survey but looks like a model of your firm.

2.     Turning the Model Into a Process, Into an Online Questionnaire/Survey and Into a Highly Usable Dashboard:

To put the model into practice, we need to make sure that the right set of clients are asked the right set of questions, then follow up on the answers with additional question sets. Handling this complexity is something we believe the other vendors simply cannot do. The question to ask any other firm under consideration is whether they build their systems for “complex question branching and questions data/question merging based on multiple data factors from the clients’ existing segmentation, based on client type and offering.” If they can’t show you a working system that is model-based as we described, there might be an issue uncovering the client insights you need. You need to be careful of false-positives that come from asking the wrong clients the wrong questions.

It is critical that these areas of Product and Service Value Identification be applied to your client survey. You firm cannot afford to invest large budget dollars and years of effort in a new service or offering without solid analysis provided by a large number of existing clients.  

Only Active Retention has the methodology, processes and technology to accomplish this demanding goal.