Unmatched Methodology, Process and Technology to Dramatically Improve Your Firm Today

Do you want your top clients to stay with your firm for life, purchase more services and give you more referrals?

Do you wonder if your existing clients value your industry expertise and how it stacks up to your competitors’ expertise?

Are you concerned about investing a large part of your marketing and operations budget in new services and value-adds without knowing what your clients value today and need tomorrow?

Client Testimonials

I would strongly recommend Active Retention’s Actionable Client Review solution to anyone seeking to better understand loyalty, quality, and performance at their organization.
— Colleen LoConte, Vice President Customer Service, Dendrite International
One of our major clients was identified by Active Retention as imminently ready to leave - our team met with this client and turned them around. That alone was worth the price of our entire investment.
— Kathy Ybarrondo, Vice President & Principal, Barney & Barney
We considered the responses so valuable that we are now proceeding with a second round of questionnaires for an additional group of clients.
— Chris Seitz, Manager Corporate Communications, T.J. Adams

Our Actionable Client Review (ACR) is the only solution that will help you reach these goals and give you the following must-have individual client insights to support rock-solid planning:

  • Learn the likelihood of each of your top clients leaving with our client-by-client “Loyalty Profile.”
  • See all the service and product challenges for each client reviewed.
  • Uncover what products your clients have from your competitors and how those relationships are going with our “Competitor Review.”
  • Find out what present and future products your existing clients are interested in from your firm. Learn how satisfied your clients are with the products and services they receive from your competition.
  • Find out which clients would love to refer other business to your firm, but have not been asked to do so by your account teams. (We usually find that 30% of a firm’s clients want to refer, but have never been asked by the account team – ouch!)

Gain High-Confidence Product & Service Planning Intelligence:

  • Uncover how each product or industry group performs in value offered, quality of service and competitive threat – on a firm-wide and client-by-client basis.
  • Uncover how your present clients value your free, paid, add-on and work flow services and how they view these and other services offered by your competition.
  • Be able to comfortably predict which free, paid, work flow and add-on services and products your clients will need in the future – don’t waste investments and focus on guesses.

Active Retention has pioneered an innovative process we call an Actionable Client Review.

This special survey process allows Active Retention to gather candid information about how your clients really feel in five key areas (loyalty, cross-selling, referral, industry expertise and present and future service/product value) and how they see your competitors relating to their future.

Our Actionable Client Review methodology is specifically designed for B2B organizations, where account teams need immediate access to client insights in order to take action. Your executive team, account teams and marketing team will have an easy-to-use dashboard to drill down in seconds on any aspect of these essential insights. Individual contributors like sales or service staff will have dashboards for their clients so they can focus on client-specific follow-up actions and see general issues across their clients’ experiences, which may signal the need for change on their part.

At Active Retention, our products and services are all about uncovering the real relationships between you and your clients – and helping you save and grow those relationships. We provide high-confidence predictions for each client participating in an Actionable Client Review, not just for retention but for the essential courses that marketing must chart.

AR uncovers hidden retention risks on a client-by-client basis. Equally important, we allow your marketing team to fully understand present and future needs for product and service offerings. Our sophisticated, three-dimensional questions and detailed attributes allow you to quickly and efficiently learn exactly what your clients are thinking.

Our Actionable Client Review solution has yielded results so compelling that we guarantee a 300% ROI on every project, in writing! AR Actionable Client Reviews return candid, actionable responses to tell you exactly what your teams need to do to keep and grow your present clients on an account-by-account basis.

A unique solution with actionable results:

  • Pay-for-Performance Model
  • Guaranteed response rate of 50%
  • Guaranteed project ROI of 300%
  • Candid responses to our sophisticated surveys
  • Loyalty projection for every client
  • No complex deployment required
  • Simple to learn and use
  • Results are immediately actionable and client specific
  • Strategic and tactical technology tools – improve loyalty and increase organic growth

Specific client-by-client measurement of:

  • Loyalty/Retention
  • Quality/Satisfaction
  • Referrals
  • Cross-Selling Opportunities
  • Industry Expertise
  • Present and Future Service/Product Value

All delivered through our unique Actionable Client Review solution.