Our Pay-for-Performance Model Guarantees Saved Clients, New Business and a High-Confidence Model of Your Clients’ Future Needs.

We closed eight (8) new EB/FS deals and fifteen (15) EPL deals since we completed the Active Retention Actionable Client Review project.
— Liz Allen, Executive Vice President

Our “Pay for Performance Model” guarantees your organization candid customer feedback, saved clients, new business and compelling results. If we don’t find any cross selling opportunities, potential referrals or clients ready to leave that you didn’t know were unhappy – you don’t pay. But that’s never happened on even one of our projects. Review some of our case studies on the Client Testimonial page to see what you can expect.

Our solution will help you expand and improve existing client relationships and develop new ones. Our unique methodology delivers candid, actionable client and partner feedback. We guarantee a minimum response rate of 50% for all projects and an ROI of 300%.

For every 300 participating clients, our typical results:

  • Six new clients in the first year from referrals
  • 20 new cross selling opportunities closed
  • Six clients thought to be happy, stopped at the exit in the first year
  • Overall: 300+% first year project ROI – written guarantee
  • 65% response rate (Guaranteed minimum response of 50% – written guarantee)

Key benefits:


Goes far beyond Satisfaction Surveys: focused per client and actionable

Uncovers each client’s unique profile

Delivers follow-up strategies to each client team member

Little effort and no complex software implementation by your organization