Retention, Referral and Cross-Selling Experts

We know and understand your business challenges. We are one of only a handful of experts in the country, and the only one with a tested and proven 2nd-generation Actionable Client Review methodology and technology.

The people at Active Retention are seasoned veterans with the right skills to deliver outstanding results for your organization. They are experts in client retention, referrals and cross-selling survey research; technology development and deployment; and project and client relationship management. Our senior staff has been instrumental in building advanced referral, retention and CRM programs for national and international clients, for projects large and small.


Dan Coursey was the founder, CEO, Chairman and majority stockholder of a $30-million-dollar-per-year technology organization specializing in CRM rollouts, Simulation Software Solutions, Consulting, Training and Professional Services. Professional Development Group, Inc. (becoming Knowledge Impact, Inc. in 1999)pioneered the development of application simulations in CRM/ERP rollouts worldwide. PDG grew rapidly and became a recognized leader in the simulation and training rollout marketplace, partnering with SAP, PeopleSoft, Siebel Systems, Price Waterhouse and many other international firms. PDG provided multimillion-dollar custom simulation projects worldwide to Citibank, Boeing, Goldman, Sears, Microsoft and 60 of the Fortune 100.

Dan has an extensive background in instructional design, methodology, technology and consulting experience. Dan’s career started as a Consulting General Manager for troubled employee owned firm  and advanced to Director of Research for the Guide Division at the international research organization IDC, ultimately progressing to entrepreneurship as he founded Professional Development Group in 1982. Dan started Active Retention LLC in 2003 with Mike Belanger.

Mike Belanger, CTO/Principal, was the senior architect of the revolutionary system at PDG that was used to support over $1 billion dollars of ERP, CRM and SFA projects at 53 of the Fortune 100 with 100,000 combined corporate users. Mike has been the chief architect in the technology implementation of Active Retention’s “actionable” survey design elements as well as the dashboard concept and Active Email notification system.

Rebekah Santiago, Nancy Eron, Scott Baker, Rich Nahmais and Bill Munzer are Executive Project Directors. Combined they share over 30 years of custom project related experience and have managed over $30 million in projects to date.

Our team has worked extensively to build and develop the best services to retain clients in the professional services industry today! We are constantly conducting detailed research to uncover the best methodologies and systems to attract and retain top clients. This research has included projects with some of the top organizations in the US, as well as detailed discussions with knowledgeable leaders in similar professions. We feel our models, databases, technology and knowledge base in client retention, referrals and cross-selling are unmatched.

We have a strong desire to build a long-term relationship with each client. Most of our business comes from referrals, which is a strong testament to the quality of our client relationships and the results we have produced for them. We empower our clients by generously sharing information during the process so that we do not remain the sole retention or referral expert.

We pride ourselves in making it easy for our clients to work with us. We are highly responsive and available, and will proactively seek feedback from our clients throughout a project. All our services are designed so that we do all the heavy lifting – your staff and team only need to act on the results we provide from our projects, and that happens only after one of our unique training programs.